1. A City called Zhuhai

    So a year ago, I posted a picture about my home town in China, and titillated you with a myth about the origins of the city. The myth is probably a smart marketing ploy but since I’m going back for a visit at the end of this year (YAY), I shall enlighten you on this little ploy.

    Once there was a daughter of the sea dragon lord (akin to Poseidon) who escaped to live amongst the mortals as a fisher girl, near a beautiful bay. When she wasn’t pretending to fish, she used special herbs to heal the sick and injured. The fisher girl eventually fell in love with a kind young fisher man called Haihe.

    One day, Haihe acted on the suggestion of some gossip mongers and forced the fisher girl to give him her bracelet as a token of her love. Upon hearing this, she cried and told him the truth about who she was, that her father was the sea dragon lord and the bracelet was there to track her. If she ever took off the bracelet, she would die. He still didn’t believe her so the distraught girl yanked the bracelet off to show her love and died in her lover’s arms.

    Filled with regret and grieve, Haihe cried and howled for days. Fortunately, his devotion moved the sage Jiuzhou who took Haihe to the Jiuzhou island, where the resurrection herb grows. However for the herb to grow, Haihe needed to water it with his own blood each day. Over days, months and years, the herb finally reached its potency and revived the fisher girl. 

    On the day of the wedding, the fisher girl found a enormous and stunning pearl. To show her gratitude, she gifted it to the sage Jiuzhou.

    So that conveniently explained the origin of the city’s name (pearl of the sea) and the main port (Jiuzhou port).

    Are you surprised at all then that the boulevard overlooked by the statue of the fisher girl is called the Lovers’ Boulevard? 

    Omg, if this isn’t some ingenious marketing, I don’t know what is.

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diddly whoo

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